Hey, we are Pixelrow!

Our journey so far

Spring 2021 was very remote, schools were closed and all students studiet from home. After finding new hobby (programming), Combspot shortly became first product. Nearly after few weeks Combspot were used inside class tasks with other classmates and teachers. First project were nearly successful as school became interested in this project. But unfortunately the lack of resources and further development skills caused to close Combspot.


2021 May

In November 2021 multimedia sharing platfrom called Speecher Beta was released. Developing own social media was a long time dream. Fortunately at this time lack of resources wasn't a problem, so somewhere at the end of 2022 spring Speecher became growing and was renamed to Ripledd. Now Ripledd is offering many unique features.


2021 November

Alongside with Ripledd, Astra was born as satelite for Ripledd. AskAstra is our future plan, but for now it is still a prototype to show our goals!


2022 January

In summer 2022 Pixelrow became a parent organisation! This is our start of a big jorney to digital space. Pixelrow Ltd. has huge plans for long-term and short-term future.


2022 July

Inspired by other tech companies, our goal is to make revolutional changes to digital world. At this moment we are mainly working on our largest product called Ripledd. For a question "whad we do?", we answer "making imagination come true!"